About us

Our catering goal is to help make your event a memorable experience for your guests.


It all began in grandams kitchen from day one.... 

The Tiffany's Taste Catering Co story began with a love for food and an eye for design & detail. After years of helping friends and family host events, I discovered that I was truly passionate about elevating the experience. Most days I wake up with a new recipe or menu design and immediately write it down. Now, through Tiffany's Taste Catering Co, I hope to help others benefit from my inspirations.

From an early age, I was always in the kitchen with my grandmother and mom. They taught me to always infuse love and care into every dish I make. By following those same rules, the team at Tiffany's Taste Catering Co is able to truly "WOW" our guests and clients.

Tiffany's Taste Catering Co started to help those have exquisite events, spectacular food and an eye for detail and design.

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